He has received the first vaccination at 7 weeks, and when he’s 3 months old (12 weeks), you must go to the vet to make a renewal of the vaccinations and also to make at this moment the vaccination against kenel cough and again leptospirose. It can also be good to make the vaccination against rabies depending where you live and where you want to go with your dog. After that the vacinations are made yearly. Of course , your vet is the best people to give you all the indications about vaccinations and health.


Your puppy was wormed each two weeks since his birth, now you must do it each month until 6 months and after 2 times a year it’s fine. It's good to change time to time of product as each one has his own specificity.


We can hope to share the life of our labrador 12-14 years generally. It's good to make an annual check-up when he becomes older. LAso from 8 years old, it can be good to give him a senior food who will help him. He'll also more sleep and be more quiet but it's essential to continue to make walk and exercices with him.

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