Blacksugar Jamaïca

Jamaïca is born at our home on 19 June 2010. Her father isShow Me The Way Désiré and her mother is our bicth Ginny de la Belle Vanlle.

Health clearences :

HD : A1

ED : 0:0

Eyes clear (04/08/2015)

Optigen pra/prcd : normal/clear by parentage.

EIC : N/N (clear)

Dna certified

Black carrying chocolate

Breeding certificate



Jamaïca's pedigree

Show Me The Way Désiré Phileas Beryl-work-of-Art Philéas Melchior
English Touch Ti Amo
Ch-IB Show Me The Way Aloa Ch-IB Chablais Show Me The Way Web
Show Me The Way Still Loving You
Ginny de la Belle Vanille
Blacksugar Dumbledore
Blacksugar Xamax
Blacksugar Fidji
Yack of Misty Dreams
Blacksugar Yena
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