Goodbye Dumbledore

This 23 th November 2014 is a very, very sad day for us with the lost this night of our Beloved Dumbledore.

He has gone over the rainbow after a very short illness.

I hope he can now run free with his friends Mac and Farouk who has also left us this year.

What a sad year for us in 2014.

Mac has gone ...

A very sad day this 9 th July 2014, our beloved Mac (Yack of Misty Dreams) has gone over the ranbow to see his frend Farouk.

He left us with all our tears and a hart full of his love.

He was a gentledog, so nice, so quiet, so lovely.

He was 15 years and 4 months old.


Goodbye Farouk

1st June 2014, a very sad day here as our beloved Farouk left us at only 7,5 years old.

He fights bravely against the ill, but he losts his fight and let us with tears.

I hope you've found some friends over the rainbow and that you can run now freely.

Love you so much ...

Mac is 15 years old

Our oldest boy Mac (Yack of Misty Dreams) is 15 years old on 10 March 2014.

It's such a pleasure to have it still with us and we hope it's for a long time 

Blacksugar Hope is Luxembourg Champion

At the international show of Luxembourg in September 2013, B. Hope (owned by Mr Dalez) has won the open class, the Cacl and the Rcacib. She's become Lux Champion.

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