Jamaïca is now retired

Jamaïca is now retired after her stérilisation in December.

Of course as all our dogs she will stay with us for the rest of her life, and we hope for many years !

Here under is her webpage.

Jamaïca is born at our home on 19 June 2010. Her father isShow Me The Way Désiré and her mother is our bicth Ginny de la Belle Vanlle.

Health clearences :

HD : A1

ED : 0:0

Eyes clear (04/08/2015)

Optigen pra/prcd : normal/clear by parentage.

EIC : N/N (clear)

Dna certified

Black carrying chocolate

Breeding certificate

Jamaïca's pedigree

Show Me The Way Désiré Phileas Beryl-work-of-Art Philéas Melchior
English Touch Ti Amo
Ch-IB Show Me The Way Aloa Ch-IB Chablais Show Me The Way Web
Show Me The Way Still Loving You
Ginny de la Belle Vanille
Blacksugar Dumbledore
Blacksugar Xamax
Blacksugar Fidji
Yack of Misty Dreams
Blacksugar Yena

Rip Ginny

During November 2016, our Ginny bas flight against a cancer but she has lost her fight end November.

She was not yet 9 years old.

She will stay in our hart forever and her offspring will keep her alive.

RIP beloved Ginny

Havane is retired

Our Havane is now retired after a last litter. As all our dogs, she'll stay with us until the end of her life.

You find below her webpage

Havane is born on 5/12/2008 at our kennel. Her mother is our bitch Chocotoff. Her father is  CH. Thanks a Lot de la Légende de la Loutre.


Eyes : free of diseases (04/08/2015) 

Optigen pra : normal/clear by parentage

EIC : E/N (Carrier)

DNA certified

Chocolate carrying yellow


Pedigree of Havane

Ch Thanks a Lot de la Légende de la Loutre Ch Foulby Tittle Tattle Lindall Morse
Cuanbank Irish Lilly at Foulby
Ch Lejie Vanity Fair Sh Ch Rocheby Sailing By
Sh Ch Lejie My Fair Lady
Blacksugar Chocotoff Mylka Blue Star van Heuveland Icare du Taillis Madame
Joy Black Star Van Heuveland
Blacksugar Yahoo Ch Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye
Tanaïs of Angel's Head

Goodbye Ibiza

An horrible end of year 2015 with the inexpected and inexplicated death of our beloved Ibiza at only 6 years on the 29 december 2015.

We're totally under shock and sadness is the only sentiment now here.

Her webpage as she was onth site :

Ibiza is born at our home on 13 July 2009. Her mother is our bitch Apple Pie and her father is Multi Ch Carpenny Made The Trip.

Junior Champion of Luxembourg

Health clearences

HD : B1

ED : 0:0

Eyes : free of pra and cataract

Optigen pra : normal/clear by parentage

EIC : N/N (clear)

Dna certified

More pictures

https://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/transparent_album_background.gif') no-repeat left;" style="height: 194px; background: url("https://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/transparent_album_background.gif") 0% 50% no-repeat;">
Blacksugar Ibiza

Ibiza's pedigree

Multi Ch Carpenny Made The Trip
Lembas to The Moon and Back Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-About
Lembas Mysterious Girl
Sh Ch Carpenny Rustina Kamrats Rustibus
Sh Ch Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny
Apple Pie de la Vallée Chéron Ch Tip-Top de la Vallée Chéron Foulby Regan
Polka de la Vallée Chéron
Ch. Int. Tite Romi de la Vallée Chéron Ch Int Zing of Misty Dreams
Ch Int Romi de la Vallée Chéron

Goodbye beloved Chocotoff

A very black day for us on 25th June 2015 with our Chocotoff who has gone over the rainbow.

She was such a lovely girl, full of love , nice character, a once in a life dog and she has given us so much and a so nice offspring.

But the ill has won the fight ...

Forever in our heart ...

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